Since the City of Santa Maria has been in the midst of a severe financial crisis due to declining revenues, the City is implementing a Mandatory Time Off (MTO) program (or otherwise referred to as a furlough program) for its employees during calendar year 2010 in an effort to reduce operational costs.  This program is anticipated to save the City approximately $1.2 million during 2010.

The eleventh scheduled MTO Day that City offices will be closed is Thursday, November 11th.

Under the MTO program, the majority of all City offices and departments (including City Hall and the Library) will be closed on the third Friday of every month during 2010, including Veterans Day, November 11th.

Police and fire emergency services will not be impacted or affected.  Trash and recycling service will continue to be served as scheduled, and the Santa Maria Regional Landfill will be closed on certain Sundays throughout the year.

Additional information about the MTO program is posted on the City’s website,

Questions may be directed to the City Manager’s Office, 925-0951 ext. 372.