The City of Santa Maria is pleased to recognize two employees as recipients of its Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award.  Joylyn Castaing, Code Compliance Officer I, and Deborah Hildinger, Library Assistant I, each will receive a certificate and recognition at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

Joylyn Castaing

Joylyn Castaing’s compassion and creative teamwork to address blighted neighborhood issues is an asset to the community.  Her humanitarian efforts and pride in her work generate sincere, long-term solutions.  She coordinated a grass-roots home makeover for an occupant unable to fend for herself and in dire financial straits, transforming the home from a neighborhood eyesore. Another time, she paired with a local non-profit to capture and rehabilitate neglected or abandoned domestic cats and kittens, a problem exacerbated by the weak economy and wave of foreclosures. All this, without any additional cost to the City.

Debrorah Hildinger

Deborah Hildinger’s commitment to the arts, and to bringing new methods ofprogramming and outreach to the area of adult and children’s services, sparks heightened public involvement in the arts and the Santa Maria Public Library.  Especially in difficult times, the arts serve as a source of escape and inspiration.  Her creativity and can-do attitude brings fresh and varied exhibitions and performers.  Her crowning achievement thus far was coordinating the National Arts Program exhibition in August, which was enthusiastically received by the community.

Criteria for the GEM Award are: Exhibiting effective leadership on specific assignments; demonstrating positive service to a customer or co-worker; going “above and beyond” the call of duty; showing special initiative, creativity, teamwork, cost containment efforts and entrepreneurial spirit in providing a high level of customer service; and consistently embracing the City’s service standards.