You’ve got a great product, service or event established. For it to be a success, now you need customers, clients or attendees. For that to happen three things must occur (1) they must know it exists, (2) they must want it, and (3) they must know where to go /who to contact to complete the transaction. So now, you need promotional materials and/or advertising to get the word out. What is your next step? Whether you opt for some simple fliers or an extensive advertising campaign, it is important that each piece of marketing material you release into the public speaks to those three above principals. Simply creating a piece with the pertinent details does not suffice. You must draw your audience in, engage them, and create desire for what you are selling.

To further expand on this, let’s look at a couple examples of fliers, both of which are advertising piano lessons to children.

Too often, really great businesses put out really poor marketing materials such as this one. This may be the best music school in town, but unfortunately you’ll never know that from taking a glance at this flier.

The collateral that you put out becomes the identity of your business. You will be perceived and judged based on these materials. If this is the first a potential customer is seeing something about you, this one interaction can make or break their decision to do business with you.

In the case of this flier, the Perfect Note Piano Studio has given up their identity entirely by using clip art. Clip art are premade images that are available out of programs like Microsoft Word and Publisher. Using this mish-mash of simple, whimsical graphics gives the impression of laziness, immaturity, and lack of professionalism. A business should have its own unique imagery which communicates to the reader a sense of who you are and what you do.

The flier also utilizes a total of 8 different fonts all set differently (bold, italic, underlined, 3d effect with shadow, etc) along with several different bold colors. This along with the various images and boxes of text scattered haphazardly around the page only confuse the reader. There is no flow, no consistency, nothing pleasing to the eye. So rather than stick around and read through the content, they will glean little before looking away or even tossing the page.

In contrast, let’s take a look at a flier that does have a positive impact. One simple glance at this page and you immediately know that they are selling piano lessons. In addition, the imagery gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. The teacher and child working together in a comfortable looking room draw you in and entreat you to imagine this is your daughter experiencing the joys of music for the first time. The fonts used at the top are simple, yet play into the personality of the imagery – professional yet playful. It elicits emotion and that is a very powerful element.

Furthermore, the colors are all complementing each other. When you look at this flier your eye joyfully admires the pianists, the painting and then text which is the ideal journey for the potential client. At the bottom she has opted simply for a web address where the client can find all the additional information.

Which of these places would you take your child to for piano lessons?

You may be thinking, this makes a lot of sense but I don’t have a creative mind or the budget to hire a professional designer. Consider this, if you spend any budget whatsoever creating an example such as the first, you are throwing that money away and potentially worse than that, hurting your business. It may be a little bit of an investment to get a professional design, but the return on this investment can be huge. Furthermore, you can reuse some of the design elements over and over (consistency is key!) so the value extends beyond the single piece being designed. For any do-it-yourself pieces, do keep in mind the above principals so you can create a more meaningful piece that represents your business in the most positive light possible.

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Marcy Lariz, MarTeeny Designs

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