The recession ended last year. Did you notice?

Some economists might see a nation back in the black, but our communities, our businesses and our citizens are still struggling.

We want you to succeed in spite of it.
We want Santa Maria to Thrive.
We’re going to help.

We feel that many people may not realize that when they spend their money here at home, the sales tax revenue contributes to keeping business alive by creating jobs, raising the tax base, supporting community services such as police, fire, recreation and parks along with other municipal services and even allowing support for many non-profit organizations. By simply, making the decision to shop and dine here in town, people directly contribute their own quality of life.

Our answer is to launch an aggressive campaign to raise awareness in our community and encourage our citizens to spend their money at home. Beginning October 15 and running through mid-December, we will be saturating television, radio and print with advertising including the tagline “Thank you for Shopping Santa Maria,” along with a message about the impact of our sales tax revenue.

In addition we have created buttons and stickers with the simple message, “Thank You for Shopping Santa Maria,” and have asked local retailers to wear the buttons and distribute stickers on customer receipts, enforcing our message. By doing this, our citizens will have no choice but to notice.

We think that by getting this message out in the face of our community, we can really make a positive impact on their spending habits thereby giving a boost to our local economy.

Questions? Want to get further involved? Contact the Chamber of Commerce at (805) 925-2403