By The Minetti Family

Yes, it’s true—after 52 amazing years in Guadalupe, the Far Western Tavern will be moving down Highway 1 to a new location in Old Town Orcutt in late 2011. The Guadalupe restaurant will remain open until weeks before the move.

We are truly grateful to the community of Guadalupe for their support over the decades. This was a tough decision for our family, but we all feel that it’s the best decision for ensuring that our restaurant remains a viable family business for years to come in the Santa Maria Valley.

The new location at 300 Clark Avenue, at the corner of Clark and Pacific Street, will be built out over the next year. This location is more centrally located to both Highway 1 and Highway 101, and it is closer to more residents and to the wine country, which will make the restaurant more accessible to visitors and locals alike. We also feel that Old Town Orcutt reflects the rural small-town spirit that has always been a part of the Far Western Tavern experience.

Like the current restaurant, the new restaurant will feature separate downstairs bar and dining areas, along with an upstairs banquet room. So while the Orcutt restaurant will be new, its spirit and ambiance should feel quite familiar. They say that the more things change, the more they stay the same. It may be a cliché, but it’s also our motto for the new restaurant.

We plan to collaborate with the City of Guadalupe and others to determine the best course of action for our building after it is vacated by the restaurant. We want to find a workable solution, but we just don’t know what that solution is at this point.

We invite you to come out to Guadalupe and share memories with us in the months ahead. We look forward to seeing you!