KK’s Gourmet Bundt Cakes cut the ribbon at their Santa Maria location on Friday, October 1, 2010

1201 E Main St Ste #B (805) 614-9922 www.kksbundtcakes.com

About KK’s Gourmet Bundt Cakes

For over 80 years, our family has been apart of San Luis Obispo County and the Central Coast. We have made our home here in Arroyo Grande since 1957. In July of 1978, we began our legacy of marriage and family, raising our daughters here on the beautiful coast between LA and San FranKK's Bundt Cake Store Location - Arroyo Grandecisco.

KK began over 27 years ago by my Father, who had nick names for everyone in the family, including me. My name Karen, was very difficult for the little grand children to pronounce, so I became “KK” instead.


At first, the bundt cakes were made for potlucks, birthdays and thank you’s. Then more people were calling the house to order bundt cakes, and we kept telling them it was just a “hobby”, a very busy hobby, and the order’s kept comming. I knew there was something to this, when strangers were calling, and stating; “You don’t know me, but I tasted your bundt cake and I want to order one!.”

Our receipe is famous for being very moist, fresh and gourmet. The KK's Gourmet Bundt Cakes - Making a Cakeorders increased. Finally, in 2006, we realized that we had a highly sought after product in a small corner of the market carved out right here in our little town. So we began looking to move ahead and out of the house.

By August 2006, we were able to lease the building of our dreams. Here we could watch our bundt cake shop develope. Just a quaint store front on Grand Avenue, with a whole lot of bakery in the back. Taking the baking from the house to a commercial kitchen was easier than we had anticipated. Family, friends, and business associates came along side to see our success become a reality. As of April 2010, we have opened a 2 nd location is Santa Maria, Ca, the address is under contact information.

Who We Are

KK's Bundt Cake FamilyOur three daughter’s, work in our business with us. Each having an important roll in helping our business grow. Our friend of the family, Jeanny, came aboard in October 2005 to come along side for the baking. Today, we have several people that bake, and who can accomplish a “truck load” of cakes on her shift. Don’t mess with their mixer’s!

Currently we have over 32 varieties of gourmet and special order cakes, and bake fresh daily in small batches to assure freshness. We specialize in bundt cakes for each season, sell by the slice, and sell coffee and tea, along with our pastries. You can sit in our lobby and order a full size, petite, baby or mini bundt cake, cookies, brownies and muffins, and much more!

Entering our shop, you can experience an old world feel of Europe and a French Cafe. The sights and smells of our little bakery will delight your senses. So, come experience for yourself the flavor of “A Celebration in Every Bite.”