Quintron Systems, Inc. (www.quintron.com), the recognized leader in advanced interoperable voice systems and physical access control/intrusion detection systems, announces, as one of the founding Platinum Program members, renewal of its Mercury Security OEM partnership agreement initially established in 1998. “Quintron is one of Mercury’s longest standing supporters and one of the original 6 Platinum Partners,” said Richard Finnegan, vice president and general manager at Quintron. “We are proud to be able to continue to grow the relationship and provide the only cross platform solution in the market for all generations of Mercury Security control panels from the original serial-based panels to the latest IP-based panels.”

“Mercury Security created the Platinum Partners Program in an effort to distinguish and reward our best and most deeply integrated business partners who continually demonstrate superior performance,” said Frank Gasztonyi, CTO and Co-Founder of Mercury Security. “We have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Quintron Systems and are proud to have Quintron among this elite group.”

Quintron’s AccessNsite® is a cross-platform (Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac) and database independent, integrated access, alarm, and video surveillance management system supporting all generations of Mercury Systems control panels. This unique software solution is scalable with a web-services API for third party application integration, web-based thin clients and high performance rich clients, and enhanced data filtering and reporting features including automated reporting and messaging via email. Also included are alarm graphics, linked live and historical event video, the ability to use any card reader type and associated credential technology from legacy magstripe to HSPD-12 compliant smartcards.

“We are extremely pleased to have earned this status with such a respected and prominent company in the industry,” added Finnegan. “Mercury Security is an important partner and our joint working relationship helps us maintain broad appeal to the largest segment of both existing access control systems and green field projects. Working side-by-side with other Mercury providers emphasizes the unique-to-Quintron open operating system and multiple database support capability of our AccessNsite solution.”

AccessNsite is installed in global facilities for mission critical security focused agencies and organizations, as well as an unidentified high tech end user HQ campus, regional data center, and global operations sites.

For more information about Quintron solutions and services call 805.928.4343 or visit www.quintron.com.

About Quintron
For 40 years, Quintron has provided high technology and cost effective solutions worldwide to government and industry in support of mission critical communications and security requirements for command and control applications. No other company offers the depth of expertise found at Quintron in fault tolerant, interoperable communications, and security systems. In addition to providing advanced products and systems, Quintron’s professional technical services capability provides a superior level of customer satisfaction. Quintron’s engineering services provide off-the-shelf or customized engineering solutions to solve the toughest of challenges facing customers. Visit www.quintron.com or call 805.928.4343 for more information.

About Mercury
Mercury Security Corporation is the global leader in the supply of OEM access controller hardware. Built on an open platform, with over one million panels sold, Mercury has the largest installed base and greatest accumulated run time of any access hardware provider in the world. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Mercury has been providing enhanced access control technology since 1992. For more information visit us at, mercury-security.com.

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