Jeff Lind

Make sure your customers know everything you sell

Do your customers know the full range of products or services you offer? Before you say yes, you may want to do a quick survey.

Recently a bank conducted some focus groups and found most customers only knew about the products they used. Few had a clue about the other products and services offered.

If they don’t know, they can’t buy

If you don’t have time to do a survey, ask customer service reps if they ever get comments like: “Wow, I didn’t know that you sold that and we have been buying from you for years.”

Often marketers are so focused on a few core products that they don’t spend much time promoting others in the range. Yet sales of these products/services can often be a relatively easy way to increase your share of each customer’s wallet, particularly with loyal buyers.

The first step you should do to remedy this situation is to review your sales records to identify purchasing patterns. For example customers of a print shop may not know the business also designs and prepares payroll checks.

Another thing you may consider is providing a special incentive program to sales reps to promote less know products or services. Funny how a little financial reward to employees can help you achieve your goals.

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