Mark Blackford

Mark Blackford is the proud new owner of Signcraft, a leading sign manufacturer on the Central Coast.  Signcraft provides graphic design, printing, manufacturing and installation for projects ranging from business cards to billboards. They can produce banners, decals, wide format color prints, trade show displys, truck lettering and auto wraps, handcarved signs, as well as U.L. listed electric signs and monuments.  As the only U.L. listed electric sign contractor on the central coast, Signcraft is unique in our region.  Mark has relocated from Chino, Ca and brings decades of experience in both U.L. certified manufacturing and contracting having managed companies such as Hydrel, an architectural lighting company, and Omni playgrounds, the leading supplier of contained play spaces for customers such as McDonalds and Burger King.  Please join us in welcoming Mark to the central coast!