Companies Can Provide Real Estate Services to Employees to Enhance Their Benefit Package

Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to improve their employee benefit packages without additional cost to the bottom line. Now, GEM Mortgage through Assured Mortgage Planning can help.

Assured Mortgage Planning announces the launch of HomeBenefitIQ (HBIQ), a new program that offers local companies access to an innovative new employee benefit — customized mortgage and real estate services available specifically for employees of the company.

The HomeBenefitIQ program is an excellent way for companies to bring an additional employee benefit with no cost to the organization.  Employees reap the benefit as almost 67% of employees are homeowners.  The HomeBenefitIQ program provides the company’s employees access to a hand selected, pre-screened team of top professionals in the mortgage, real estate and financial industries.  These professionals have bundled their services thereby offering the employees something that is unavailable to the general public and of exceptional value to employees.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this innovative new employee benefit to companies in this area,” said Mark Brown of Assured Mortgage Planning.  “This is a great way for organizations to assist their employees by offering a benefit that is particularly valuable — access to customized real estate programs. It’s something that can help employees and their families when it comes to most likely their biggest investment-a home.  And what’s great for the employer is that they’re able to offer this benefit at no cost to the organization.”

Mark Brown provides the employees with a wide spectrum of services and access to outstanding customer service, making it easy for employees in the HBIQ program to achieve their real estate goals.

The HomeBenefitIQ program provides companies and their employees with all the tools they need to offer the program to employees, including:

• A CD-ROM presentation outlining how the HomeBenefitIQ program works

• Membership ID cards for employees

• Employee benefit flyers, new hire enrollment packages, program posters and other informational materials

•A customized web site with information on the specific loan/real estate services being offered as part of the HomeBenefitIQ program

• Informative on-site and/or off-site homebuyer or credit education courses