For the fifteenth year, the Santa Maria Noontime Kiwanis invites local brain-iacs and nerds to get their smart on during the annual Trivia Challenge this February.  Teams of 4 are encouraged to register for this annual community event to be held on Sunday, February 27, 2011 as a benefit for local social service agency, VTC Enterprises.  Santa Maria Noontime Kiwanis is well known for their fundraising, volunteer work, tasty BBQ’s, charitable giving and service to the Santa Maria Community but they want to remind local businesses, schools, neighbors and friends, that the support of teams of know-it-alls and smarty-pants is needed to make the Trivia Challenge the fun and competitive afternoon everyone looks forward to all year.  One added feature of the 2011 Challenge is the inclusion of High School teams that will compete against each other in a separate category.  “It’s amazing how much fun can be had while showing off your smarts,” says event Co-Chair, Claudia Ortiz.

As always, teams will compete to be the smartest and can combine their knowledge to successfully answer a series of difficult questions crafted by “Mr. Trivia,” Don Brister, who created this contest and has supported it for so many years.  Trivia categories cover a lot of territory and will include questions about history, science, sports, the arts, and everything in between.  “Each year it becomes more difficult to come up with 50 questions that are truly a test of one team’s overall knowledge on a wide range of categories. The team that can find four persons each with their own strengths is the one that usually wins,” says Don.  He goes on to hint, “This year there will be some questions that will be geared toward the high school teams.”  The 2010 winning team, The Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary Club, can’t wait to compete again and is looking for the best and the brightest to give them a little challenge.  Jim Bray, one of the winning team members, stated recently,

“We look forward to defending our title. I think we have the beginning of a true dynasty. Any team that can beat us better be really good.”

The registration deadline is February 18th and interested teams can get more details about the contest and can download the registration form from the Kiwanis website or by emailing Claudia Ortiz at anytime.  In addition to the fun and the chance to be the smartest team in town, all competitors will be treated to refreshments and the chance to win door prizes.