Each year PCPA Theaterfest awards over $500,000 in scholarships to actors and technicians to support the work onstage, backstage, and in the classrooms and labs. These funds allow interns, guest artists, and students to further their craft while providing the highest level of theatre to our patrons. This year the goal of the ACT NOW Scholarship Appeal campaign is $125,000.

Donors who have given generously year-after-year say they do so because art is essential in their life and they recognize the importance art has on the life and well-being of the community. Students who study in the conservatory routinely remark on the quality of their education and the depth of resources and tools they are given and will be able to pull from once they enter the professional world.

Your gift sparks an artistic arc which begins with an audition and ends with an ovation. Every time you support a PCPA student you are setting into motion a sequence of events which will result in great stagecraft today and great possibilities for tomorrow. Theatre changes perspectives, changes lives, changes everyone it touches. It makes our world different, and better.

Artistic Director Mark Booher said scholarship donations start a chain reaction. “When you invest in the training of a young artist, your gift is instantly put to work in the studios, the shops, and on the stage; the results are immediate. Your support nurtures burgeoning talent, hones creative skills, and establishes the environment for great training…which leads to great theatre.”

PCPA is asking the community to ACT NOW! by making a donation to the scholarship campaign either online at www.pcpa.org or contacting the PCPA Foundation at (805) 349-9135