Allstate Benefits now has a program in which members will receive a special offer of voluntary benefits through Allstate’s Contingent Guarantee Issue program for Chambers.

Allstate Benefits is the only Fortune 100 company that offers voluntary benefits

If your firm has 10 employees that work at least 20 hours a week and can answer no to the following two questions:

1- Do you have AIDS / HIV or

2- Have you been disabled or hospitalized in the last 6 months, the following benefits can be made available to them:

  • Hospital Expenses Coverage
  • Accident coverage with disability
  • Stand alone disability coverage
  • Life Insurance – 2 types

If you or your employee(s) has diabetes, had a heart attack last year or cancer recently, they would qualify for this protection. If your firm has fewer than 10 employees, benefits are still available with a different underwriting program.

The protection is portable and is also available to families.

These benefits are being offered through Allstate agent, John Everett.
You will be able to visit or talk with John about these benefits at his office.

John is located at 110 S. Lincoln, Santa Maria.  805-349-9141