Santa Maria Public Airport (SMX) recently released new smart phone applications that allow customers to access real-time flight information from almost anywhere.  Travelers may also provide feedback to the airport or save time by electronically registering for free long term parking through the application.

The apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices at no cost through App Store or Android Market.

Smart phone users can now be instantly linked to technology from ProDIGIQ which uses multiple sources, including FAA data, to constantly update the status of flights.  This flight information display system provides targeted, real-time data that is extremely accurate.

The flight data is also available on the airport web site at and on new flat screen monitors at the airport.

Santa Maria Airport was the first airport to team with ProDIGIQ for development of airport specific applications.  ProDIGIQ has its technology in over two dozen airports nationwide, with plans to add more this year.  The company’s brain trust is primarily graduates of nearby University of California, Santa Barbara.


Chris Hastert,

General Manager, Santa Maria Public Airport District