Human Resource Association of the Central Coast (HRACC)


Compensation & Benefits Survey – 2011

What: A completely confidential, web-based format making it easy for employers within San Luis Obispo County to submit compensation and benefit data on a wide range of local jobs. All results will be reported in summary format. No attribution to individual company pay levels will be made.

Why: Here are some of the valuable ways companies in the county have been using data from our biannual survey:

  • To compare competitive wages and benefits in the region
  • To gauge how best to compensate employees by observing how similar organizations compensate employees in similar positions
  • To determine compensation changes during a formal equity review process
  • To set benchmarks for positions
  • To establish and verify pay ranges
  • To set entry level wages for new hires
  • To gain a better understanding of benefits and compensation in other professions
  • To see the current trends and projections for benefits, raises, and bonuses

When: The Survey is open May 9th to June 13th

Who:   You, your business friends and colleagues – we need your participation; the greater the participation the more valid the results

Cost: The results will be free to all who participate; there will be a charge of $150 to non-participating companies, $75 for non-participating HRACC members

How: If you would like to participate complete the survey at the following link and if you have any questions contact us at

We have listened to your feedback and have made the survey easier to complete. We are by far the best source for local compensation and benefits information!