Senator Sam Blakeslee and a group of State Senators have successfully halted legislation that likely would have sent many of California’s online businesses looking to re-locate out of state.  Senator Blakeslee joined the group of legislators to vote against SB 242, which would have created a new set of complex, unenforceable regulations on websites such as Facebook and other social networking sites.

Currently, Social networking sites are already required to clearly post their privacy policies on their websites. SB 242 would have called for drastic changes in many of these policies and exposed internet companies to steep fines. Blakeslee cited California’s already highly regulated and burdensome business environment as the reason for his vote against the bill.  Earlier this year, Chief Executive magazine listed California as having the worst business climate in the United States.  SB 242 exemplified the type of legislation that discourages many large, job creating companies from establishing themselves in California. It also would have created so much liability exposure that California businesses would have been incentivized to relocate outside of the state as a cost effective solution to the bill’s policies.

The bill prompted Senator Blakeslee to co-author an opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle laying out the facts on how the bill was counterproductive to attracting businesses and would have left California vulnerable to lawsuits due to its unenforceability.  Click here to read Senator Blakeslee’s letter against SB 242.