Technology has transformed business so much more in just the past 3 years than in the previous 80 years. The Internet has formed hyper-competition for the attention of your potential customers. Add in the rapid growth and popularity of social media, and that puts us at the biggest cultural shift in the way we communicate and consume information/products. The way we conduct business has changed and the customers have changed. Has your business changed with them?

People no longer want to be marketed to. Over 200 million Americans have registered for the ‘Do Not Call Registry’ list and 91% of us with DVR/Tivo capability will SKIP commercials. However today’s businesses are now more empowered than ever before to listen to customers and cultivate lasting relationships with them. We stand on the verge of businesses and brands being humanized. After all, we do business with people we know like and trust – not logos.

At its core social media is word of mouth – on steroids! Conversations are happening all over the social media landscape, and chances are people are talking about products that you may sell. With nearly 650 million users (71% of the computer owners in the U.S.) Facebook is now the number one destination online and where the people go, the money follows.

Yet trying to get your business onto Facebook can seem daunting and once you do, then what? The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce has partnered with local business technology evangelists: the Social Media Pros – to bring an informative, live seminar to the Radisson hotel at the Santa Maria Airport. Entitled ‘Using Facebook For Business’ this seminar, FREE to local business professionals, will clearly lay out all that’s needed to get started using Facebook to communicate with customers. Founder/Chief Strategist of the Social Media Pros, Chuck Kossuth will discuss how your business can harness the reach of social media and will show real world examples. Find out how to claim your presence online and join the conversation.

So please join The Chamber and the Social Media Pros along with key partners: the Santa Maria Young Professionals Networking Group, Poor Richard’s Press and the Radisson on June 23rd for this FREE seminar. Seating is limited to 100 people – we hope to see you there!