This July, the Discovery Museum is thrilled that the weekly FREE series of “Twilight Thursday” programs will be some of the best ever and kids and families will have so much fun learning about space, rockets, and our neighbor planet, Mars.  As a complement to the Museum’s Summer exhibit, “Mission to Mars,” available to explore and discover through August, the Museum is excited to have many local science and space experts sharing great information and hands on fun with local kids.  On July 7th, learn about the Vandenberg Space Shuttle program from Dr. Larry Gooch, a retired Air Force Colonel and rocket scientist.

On July 14th, Rodney Babcock of Next Intent will teach us about the Mars ROVER, “Curiosity,” that launches this Fall.  His company designed and built the wheels that go on this Rover.

On July 21st, Nick Pelster, engineer and Technical Director of the former California Space Authority will be sharing his knowledge of rockets and on July 28th, Dr. John Keller will teach  Museum visitors about Mars geology and the interesting “Big Red Rock” we call Mars.  Dr. Keller is the Cal Poly director of the Center for Excellence in Science and Math Education.

“Twilight Thursdays” happen every week at 5:30 and are included in Museum admission.  Designed for kids ages 6 – 9, topics are hands on and cover a variety of themes, subject matter, and experiences.  Visit to see what’s happening every week!

The Museum is located at 705 S. McClelland in Santa Maria and for more information, visit the museum website at or call 805-928-8414.