Sen. Blakeslee Votes Against AB 52 – Insurance Rate Regulations

As the state economy and budget continue to falter, Sen. Sam Blakeslee is fighting for long term solutions rather than a short term, temporary fixes.  To this end, Blakeslee recently opposed AB 52, a bill to add additional fees and bureaucracy to our already troublesome and complex world of insurance rates.  One of the California Chamber of Commerce’s 2011 Job Killer Bills, AB 52 creates an expensive bureaucracy to set insurance rates and establishes processes that opponents say are duplicative and potentially in conflict with the controversial federal healthcare legislation.

“This bill does not address the underlying problems that drive costs up in the health insurance industry,” commented Sen. Blakeslee.  “Sooner or later, the burden of costs will come back to rate payers and we will be facing the same dilemma.  Now is the time to stop fraud and misuse of medical services that drive up costs without providing the patients any benefits.”

Despite these flaws, this bill passed out of the Senate Committee on Health on a party line vote.  It now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee.