As California continues to post amongst the highest unemployment numbers in the nation, Senator Sam Blakeslee is taking aim at anti-job legislation that would require all lodging establishments use fitted bottom sheets on their beds. Despite no evidence or studies linking fitted sheets to improved occupational safety, SB 432, authored by Los Angeles Senator Kevin de Leon, would make the use of unfitted sheets a new state crime.

“As though we needed more proof of how out of touch the Sacramento establishment is, here comes the ‘fitted sheet’ bill,” said Blakeslee. “We have sky-high unemployment.  Our state budget is out of balance. And now, rather than Sacramento getting its own business in order, we’re going to spend our time making it a crime for a hotel to use a flat sheet.  No wonder the public is fed up.”

In another stunning display of Sacramento’s disregard for jobs and the economy, a bill making its way through the Senate would force contactors who have been awarded a new contract to offer employment to the staff of the previous contractor. The employees of the new company would be displaced in order to make room for this requirement to retain the employees of the former company.  In a scathing editorial criticizing this job killer bill, the San Francisco Chronicle notes, “Concern No. 1 with this Service Employees International Union special is that it overlooks the reason many businesses change such contractors: bad service. It deprives the new contractor of the ability to screen, hire and train the workers that will be its responsibility. Companies that hire security guards have good reason to be especially sensitive about their inability to determine their workforce.”

“Sacramento has spent the nine months of this legislative session easily passing one job killer bill after another on party line votes,” said Blakeslee. “I continue to ask my colleagues – when are we going to get serious and acknowledge the jobs crisis so we can begin working together to fix our state?”