How to Stretch a Dollar in today’s Economic Crunch

by Roemer Way Self-Storage

Who doesn’t like money, especially if it’s free? Most individuals do.  With some creativity you can stretch your dollars and in essence find free dollars along the way. …here are a few ideas!

  • Take advantage of rain checks, when a store has run out of a sale item go ahead and ask for a rain check.
  • Take advantage of double coupons.
  • Look for two for one sale.
  • Bring lunch from home.
  • Run errands using the most efficient route to save on gas.
  • Check your local entertainment guide for free activities, such as free city concerts, hiking excursions.
  • Barter something you have and are willing to share or part with a friend or business.
If you: …in one month you’ll save: …in one year you’ll save:
Save .50 cents a day in lose change… $15 $180
Cut soda consumption by 1 liter per week… $6 $72
Bring lunch to work instead of buying it… $60 $720
Eat out 2 times LESS per month $30 $360
Totals: $111/month $1332/year

We hope these tips will inspire you to create your own money saving ideas. Please feel free to share them with us; we would like to hear from you.  After all, creativity and thinking outside the box can be free.