Senator Blakeslee helps defeat ‘Displaced Janitor Bill’

A bill to force companies to hire their competitor’s employees has been defeated in the Senate. One of the Chamber’s “job killer” bills, AB 350, would have expanded the current “displaced janitor law” in cases where there is a change in janitorial service by forcing the new contractor to offer employment to the staff of the previous contractor.  Additionally, the new contract must extend for 60 days and cause must be provided for dismissal.  The extensions of the bill also covered security guards, laundry workers, window cleaners, and multiple other vocations.

“Sacramento has spent the nine months of this legislative session easily passing one job killer bill after another on party line votes,” said Blakeslee. “I am relieved we were able to defeat this bill. But stopping bad bills isn’t enough. Sacramento has to get serious about helping to fix our economy and create jobs.”

Although this bill managed to clear the Assembly, the Senate Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations and Committee on Appropriations, Blakeslee and his colleagues managed to defeat the bill on the Senate Floor.