Have you seen the banners on display on the light poles on South College between Southside Parkway and McCoy Lane?

The Santa Maria Affiliate of the Santa Barbara Foundation is pleased to announce an exciting banner exhibit called “Celebrating Community.” This exhibit is the culmination of an eight month project with the goal of increasing awareness of the impact of nonprofit agencies serving the Santa Maria Valley, educating and inspiring student artists, and celebrating art in the community.

Elementary, junior high, and high school students were invited to submit artwork for this project. Affiliate members made presentations to the students, giving information on various nonprofit organizations and their activities in the community. Students were then given an impact word that described the work of the nonprofits. The students were asked to create artwork that visually expressed the impact word as it related to the nonprofit organizations described in the presentation. The artwork was then submitted to the Santa Barbara Foundation Banner Committee and Santa Maria Arts Council representatives. Selected artwork was professionally crafted into street banners.

This process was a true collaboration between local nonprofit agencies, schools, Santa Maria Arts Council representatives, Affiliate members, and the Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department. The result is a variety of community banners that create an awareness of the impact of nonprofits on the community.

The “Celebrating Community” Banner Exhibit will run from mid-October through mid-December. Interested individuals can obtain information on the participating nonprofit organizations and the student artists and schools by clicking here http://www.sbfoundation.org/page.aspx?pid=490. Interviews of some of the students and teachers are also available on the website.

The Community Banner Exhibit is sponsored by the Santa Maria Affiliate of the Santa Barbara Foundation in partnership with the Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department. Please call 346-6123 if you have questions.