Find yourself aimlessly walking the quiet hallways, the same hallways that have been witness to murder and mayhem a century before.  A brush of an unseen hand passes by your ear, your senses reeling, you come to the realization there is nobody there.  The temperature in the room dips precipitously, signaling the presence of someone or something from another time or place.  Welcome to the hallowed halls that comprise the Historic Santa Maria Inn.  Fear not, some residents never check out, but live on and on within these walls.  Will you be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the famous Sea Captain and his ill fated mistress?  Will you feel the cold chill in the middle of a warm afternoon?  The seaman’s favorite haunt was room 221, where his beloved met her untimely demise at the hands of an unknown assassin, or perhaps, a vexed wife.

Room attendants and hotel staff have experienced doors slamming and magically reopening with no apparent human assistance.  Strange knocking sounds from vacant rooms, footsteps of some ethereal being that follow you down the hall only to disappear when you wheel around in hopes of glimpsing your pursuer.

During a routine cleaning of the second story of the inn, a housekeeper, upon entering a room, found all of the furniture stacked in the corner of the room and the door slammed abruptly behind her.  While struggling to exit the room out of fear, the door was locked from the outside and she was unable to leave.  Once she surrendered and made her way to the phone, the door slowly opened, allowing her to exit.  Upon returning with her supervisor, the furniture was back in it’s proper place and the door was again closed.

A hotel guest relayed this story to us;  Late one evening, a young couple staying in an adjoining room called to the desk with a complaint about the room adjacent to them.  They complained of a constant knocking on the connecting door and phone calls from the room.  They stated that they could hear whispering and laughing.  Upon receiving the complaint, the front desk agent checked the room in the computer and found there were no guests registered on either side of them.

We welcome you to our inn, please don’t let the permanent guests detour you.  Are they a figment of your imagination or factual, you decide.  Should you have a chance encounter, don’t hesitate to share your experience with us.  Remember the knock in the middle of the night, the figure floating eerily at your bedside, the footsteps in the hall and the hair standing up on the back of your neck.  Enjoy your stay…