Employers are often not aware of many of the Cal/OSHA and EPA regulatory requirements, and as a result, do not have adequate workplace safety programs in place. This can lead to being cited for violations and receiving significant fines.

EHSConsult is an environmental health and safety consultation firm that provides businesses on the central coast with the expertise they need related to the Cal/OSHA and EPA regulatory requirements. Our primary services are designed to help companies stay compliant with the California Code of Regulations (CCRs) and to help prevent workplace injuries and illnesses which contribute to high workers compensation rates as well as to the temporary, and sometimes permanent, loss of talented employees.  EHSConsult has had over 25 years of experience in the development of OSHA and EPA required programs and the associated trainings.

John Fowler, Owner, EHSConsult

EHSConsult personnel have had years of experience investigating workplace incidents and can provide the necessary safety and environmental health programs for companies in a cost effective manner. Most of the required Cal/OSHA and EPA programs are not part of an initial business plan for companies during startup, so employers do not typically know how to develop and implement them.

Contact EHSConsult for a free safety walkthrough and estimate to assure your business is in compliance with these required environmental health and safety business regulations.