Students will honor and celebrate America’s Veterans this week in preparation for Veterans’ Day.  Every day the entire school will come together to meet a member of the Armed Forces.  On Wednesday, the 30th Space Wing’s K-9 unit will provide two demonstrations for the students.

Monday (Nov. 7)  9:45 A.M.: United States Army

Tuesday (Nov. 8) 9:45 A.M.: United States Marine Corps

Wednesday (Nov. 9) 9:45 A.M.: United States Air Force

Wednesday (Nov. 9) 1:00 P.M. and 1:30 P.M.: Vandenberg AFB, K-9 Unit Demonstration.

Thursday (Nov. 10) 9:45 A.M.: United States Navy

“We are blessed to live in the United States and have the freedom to worship as Catholics.  There are many countries where we would threatened or not be allowed to have a school,” said Michelle Cox, St. Mary’s School Principal. “It’s important our students recognize the men and women who make our freedom possible and understand their sacrifices to ensure we have that freedom.”

Lt Col Jeffrey Groskopf, from the Joint Forces Component Command for Space and a member of the Army’s modern day Cavalry, captivated the students today discussing life in the service of his country.  Before departing, the school joined Groskopf in the Soldier’s Creed.

“It’s important to instill a love of country in our students,” continued Cox.  “That’s one of the reasons the entire school comes together around the flagpole every day to say the Pledge of Allegiance, sing a patriotic song and say a prayer. The students were real excited to meet Lt Col Groskopf.  He was the talk of the school all day and his uniform with Calvary hat and spurs was a huge hit. We were honored to have him visit.”

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