St. Mary of the Assumption School announces its First Annual All You Can Eat Surf and Turf Celebration will be November 12 in the multipurpose hall at 302 S. Miller Street.  The dinner includes king crab legs, top sirloin, side dishes and dessert.  A limited number of $50 tickets are still available at  St. Mary of the Assumption School and at St. Mary’s Church rectory.

Funds raised by the extravaganza will support school technology and classroom improvements including laptops for the teachers and

“We’ve brought cutting edge technology to the school.  This year we covered the entire campus with a single WiFi network integrated with our computer lab, enabling students to access their work and the Internet from any computer in the school,” said Michelle Cox, Principal.  “Six of our classrooms have digital projection systems including document readers allowing teachers to display papers, articles, pictures and computer programs to the entire class.  We need four more systems to bring this revolutionary capability to all of our teachers.”

The dinner was the brainchild of Clifford Labastida and Robert Bonilla, who are planning the Surf & Turf Sensation.  “As graduates of St. Mary’s School, we want to give back to the community,” explained Labastida.

“We’re excited the  family offered to lead this event,” said Cox.  “It will bring the community together, including our many alumni, while allowing us to develop a better educational program for our children.”

Tickets can be purchased at St. Mary of the Assumption School, 424 East Cypress Street in Santa Maria or by calling 925-6713 from 7:30am to 4:00pm.

St. Mary of the Assumption School, founded September 14, 1938, is the Santa Maria Valley’s oldest Catholic School with over 1,000 graduates.  Dedicated to providing a multicultural learning environment grounded in Christian values, the Western Catholic Educational Association accredited school serves over 250 students “Learning with Faith” in Preschool to eighth grade.

For additional information contact Michelle Cox at 805-925-6713 or email