Jeff Lind

A Facebook Page helps with SEO value, reputation management, branding and marketing. Businesses from car dealerships to restaurants benefit from a Page.

When building a Facebook Page consider that Facebook is dynamic; its features and functionality change and evolve regularly. The tips below address the basics.  Facebook may revamp its “Pages” in a big way in the upcoming months. These tips should help regardless of any technical updates Facebook makes.

1. Strong Content. Just like any great article make it interesting. Inspire others to “Like” it. Posting articles from third-party sources add credibility so add them when possible.

2. Add Photo/Video Descriptions. Include a link to the picture in each description to the blog post. Creating a tangible link helps subscribers source the material.

3. Hyperlink Descriptions When Possible. Tagging other Pages spreads the life of your post and leverages those more populated Pages. Soon you’ll find other Pages tagging you for the same reason. Remember, social is just that s be gracious with the content you post.

4. A Connected Page is a Stronger Page. Make sure there is a link to your Facebook Page with the opportunity to “Like” your Page on your blog/website. Facebook works best when integrated with your online strategy. Leverage your email lists to communicate your Facebook Page’s existence. Driving contests, giveaways, coupons and the like will further increase you Page’s value.

5. Use Tabs. Have a YouTube or Vimeo page? Install a tab beneath your profile image to host those videos on your page. You can upload directly to Facebook so YouTube analytics will be more robust. A great company named Wildfire provides a free service to install tabs that host RSS feeds, picture galleries, polls and fan meters.

6. Watch Your Page’s Insights. Be aware of your audience and where they reside. The majority might give a locale so play to it! Try referencing local markets, hot-spots, and the “Like” to give your page more relevance. Google and Facebook are strong, strong proponents of local-focused online marketing — take advantage of it.

7. Respond to Likes/Comments With Enthusiasm. The number of followers is secondary to the amount of interaction with them. The “Social Revolution” brought personality to the web. The days of corporate online communication are over. Have fun with your audience while being gracious and respectful. Happy Facebooking!

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