Thanks to a generous donor, the Allan Hancock College Foundation has created a new, permanent endowment fund open to donations of any level.  The beauty of the fund, according to Jeff Cotter, foundation executive director, is that unlike one-time gifts, donations to the endowment fund remain intact and are invested.  Only the investment revenue is spent.

The fund’s initial donor wanted to “establish a way for individuals or groups to give ‘permanent gifts’ that could benefit all of the college’s programs forever, in perpetuity,” he said.  Normally, to establish an endowment, a donor needs to start with a minimum of $10,000.

“With the Allan Hancock College Endowment Fund, donors can be part of a permanent endowment for the college no matter the level of their gift, and because the new fund is set up to support all the programs of the college, a donor can give a gift to the fund and know that it will used where the need is greatest,” he added.

For more information, about the new endowment fund, or other opportunities to support Allan Hancock College, call Jeff Cotter at the foundation at 925-2004 or email

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