The Rotary Club of Santa Maria (Noontime) will be making a substantial ($10,000) donation to Domestic Violence for Santa Barbara County for DVS’s “Teen Program” on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at the Santa Maria Inn, 12noon-1:30pm.

Unfortunately, teen dating violence is growing with almost 30% of all teenage girls being affected.  Attached please find an article about teen dating violence.

In attendance to receive the donation on behalf of DVS will be Richard Kravetz, Executive Director and Natalie Gutierrez, Development Associate.

The $10,000 Donation was raised by the Rotary Club’s annual fundraiser in November 2011 – with funds specifically raised for the teen dating violence program.

The Rotary Club of Santa Maria is will celebrate its 90th birthday in 2012 and has over 50 business leaders as members.  Please join us in supporting and recognizing the important work of DVS’s Teen Program.

About Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County

Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County (DVS) provides shelter services, transitional housing, case management and counseling for victims of domestic violence in Santa Barbara County. DVS provides 24-hour crisis lines and emergency response (in coordination with local law enforcement) out of the Santa Maria Shelter. DVS also provides a full range of services on a non-residential basis to support families recovering from domestic abuse.

As part of DVS’s efforts to prevent domestic violence before it escalates to dangerous or even deadly levels, DVS’s Teen Program reaches out to Junior High and High School students throughout Santa Barbara County. Teen dating violence is an urgent, silent epidemic in our county: one in three teens report experiencing abuse in a dating relationship but most teens will never report that abuse to anyone. Through Jr. High and High School assemblies DVS engages, educates, and empowers teens to be safe and helps them to value positive and supportive relationships.

Contributions received from the Rotary Club of Santa Maria will help support this program in the Santa Maria High School District, and help stop dating violence before it starts!

Information about DVS and our Teen Program can be found at