Jeff Lind

Women with large bank balances also have strong opinions, judging from a poll by the Luxury Institute among those with household income of $150,000-plus.  These aren’t ladies who lunch:  72% work, including 54% with full-time jobs.  Nor are they just making pin money while relying on a husband for their real support:  60% of those who are employed make at least $100,000 a year.  15% own their own businesses.

Decision Power

Among women in households with income of $150,000-plus, % who make decisions about…

Home-appliances 68%

Family Vacations 61%

Vehicle purchases 40%

Consumer-electronics 40%

Real-estate purchases 31%

These are women who appreciate being treated like the professionals they are.  In your marketing messages make sure you speak to them with the respect they have earned and invite them to do business with you.
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