Tony Carter (Luis), Anne Guynn (Kern the Mountain Lion), Luis and the Great Field Trip Adventure, 2011-2012

PCPA’s Education and Outreach Program brings live theatre to school children from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles. Now through a new and generous grant from the Santa Barbara Foundation, schools in Northern Santa Barbara County can apply for a fully subsidized Outreach performance, choosing between the two current plays, Luis and the Great Field Trip Adventure and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs which both play through May 2012. They can also apply for the yet-to-be-announced production next season that will tour October through December. The special subsidized performances will be given to eligible schools in northern Santa Barbara County based on need, socioeconomic data, and previous history of engagement. For more information on applying for this Special Outreach Performance, visit

Luis and the Great Field Trip Adventure is an original musical co-written by PCPA alumni and international writer/director Wendy-Marie Foerster and Jason Miller. Foerster set the location of the play at Nojoqui Falls and incorporated Chumash culture and legend into the story of a boy who thought he was too cool for school. Foerster said she hoped the story would inspire further interest in Native American history and greater respect for nature. Also touring is The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, adapted by Education and Outreach Director Leo Cortez. This play puts students in the jury box, giving them a first-hand look at the judicial system as Mr. Alexander T. Wolf defends himself in the fairytale trial of the century. Mr. Wolf claims the bad rap he’s gotten with all that “huffing and puffing” and blowing down little pigs’ homes was all started by a sensationalized news story and a miss-informed 911 call placed by little old Mother Hubbard. Visit for more information.