It has become increasingly difficult for small businesses to keep their doors open due to the high cost of navigating California’s complex and often confusing regulatory web.  In fact, 254 businesses gave up on California last year and moved to states with friendlier business environments.  To aid the many employers trying to survive the state’s economic climate and wade through these complex codes and standards, Senator Blakeslee has authored SB 1333 which creates a Labor Standards Consulting unit operated by the Division of Labor Standards.  For small businesses that employ fewer than 100 staff, this help-line will be available to answer questions about the proper interpretation and application of state laws and regulations, thereby improving compliance.

“Most employers are doing their best to follow the rules.  But without the same resources as large corporations, many small businesses may be out of compliance without even knowing it, putting them at risk for lawsuits and costly fines,” said Blakeslee.  “In this current economic environment, it is imperative that we do everything we can to help small businesses comply and survive in California.”

Blakeslee’s bill would be similar to the direct consulting services which Cal OSHA provides to help businesses access health and safety regulations.  This method has been found successful in helping businesses eliminate workplace injuries.  SB 1333 would use this proven template to help businesses also receive wage and labor law advice.  The bill will next be heard in the Senate Committee on Appropriations.