Children’s Resource and Referral of Santa Barbara County (CR&R) is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The nonprofit organization has a longstanding history of assisting Santa Barbara County by providing child care information and resources to county residents.

CR&R is also launching a new service for businesses through their Enhanced Referral Program. The program works with employers by providing a cost effective employer-supported child care option employers can integrate into their benefits package. Enhanced Referral provides employees a custom listing of licensed child care providers with current openings. The program also includes informative materials about what to look for when selecting quality care and child care provider profiles.

Nationally, a third of all parents’ child care arrangements fall apart within three months. Employers loose productivity and financial stability when their staff stays home due to lack of child care. CR&R is here to assist businesses by providing reliable child care options. The key benefits of using the Enhanced Referral Program are increased and stable productivity, decreased absenteeism and tardiness, decreased employee turnover, a more relaxed workplace atmosphere, an enhanced company image, and opportunities for new recruitment.

This Program can provide an invaluable service to employers as Michelle Graham, Executive Director, points out, “When parents have the peace of mind that their child is being cared for in a high quality learning environment, they are free to focus on their work and be more effective as an employee.”  A focused employee means higher productivity for the employer.

Employers interested in the Enhanced Referral Program can contact Public Relations Coordinator, Chrissy Curry, at (805) 614-4351 or Curry recently joined CR&R and brings a background in marketing. She received her MBA and BA in PR/Marketing from Ashford University.

“It’s an honor to be part of an organization that’s so rooted in our community” said Curry. She added, “I’m really excited to work with businesses through the Enhanced Referral Program. I believe the benefits of the program can help organizations reach their full potential”.

CR&R is a nonprofit organization established in the early 1970’s as a mobile parent/child workshop delivered at local parks in the city of Santa Barbara. The grass roots organization has since incorporated and grown into the existing Children’s Resource & Referral of Santa Barbara County with offices in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara.