Jeff Lind

Internal marketing is almost as important your external efforts.  As companies turn to customer service to create differentiation, it has become critical employees understand how they fit into the big picture.

Getting employees to buy in

Here are some things marketers are doing.  Some of it tried-and-true, some novel:

  • Cultivate “evangelists” in each department.  Their excitement can effectively sell marketing’s vision.
  • Write a short mission statement that every employee can remember.  Example:  Yellow Freight Systems’ slogan is “Pick it up on time, deliver it on time and don’t bust it.”
  • Develop a screen saver or small sign for each person’s computer that regularly conveys and reinforces the mission.
  • Get behind-the-scenes employees to meet your customers on a regular basis – if possible.  An adopt-a-customer program in certain instances might make sense.
  • Communicate with your personnel.  Only by sharing what is happening in your business and your strategies will they truly feel a part of the team.

Remember:  If your employees don’t believe, the customers they come in contact with won’t either.  This is especially critical during these economic times when every employee has to work as a team for maximum performance.

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