Good day every one !

If your in the need for framing supplies ,matting ,frames , glass. wire etc.. now is the time to cash in! We have
all kinds of products in the gallery waiting for you to pick out what you need. Full (32×40) sheets of mat board for as low as $10.00 a sheet.
Some leather , suede , linen , decorative, and even some museum boards. Full and partial boxes of premium clear and reflection
control glass  for as low as $6.20per lite. (For example 6 -32×40 per box x 6.20 = $37.20 ). We have hundreds of pre sized mats(no opening) for
as low as .85 per 16×20. For those jewelers out there , we have all of our display pieces for sale starting at $1.25 ea.I know times are tough , but we need to move this product out! Don’t forget you all get 55% off on all open back frames, and we have lots of different sizes available! All wire , hangers, tapes etc are also @ 20% off for all the do it your self framers. Oh , I almost forgot , we even have a FREE corner for you to look through. Frames , mats , etc. Stop by and take a look , I am sure you will find something you can’t live with out. Help me get this product out of here , so we don’t have to pack it up and move it!

Thanks all, see you soon!
Gold Coast Art ‘n Frames
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10-2 Sat ( call first on Sat)