Blue Rooster Telecom President Jeff Buckingham and Blue Roo present $1,500 to YMCA Board President Keith Godfrey.

Blue Rooster Telecom recently donated $1,500 to the San Luis Obispo County YMCA to help support its community programs.

“We’re so grateful to organizations like Blue Rooster Telecom because they help make our programs possible,” said San Luis Obispo County YMCA CEO Jenifer Rhynes. “This donation will help us continue to serve the community that we’ve been deeply rooted in for 50 years.”

The SLO County YMCA is a service-based organization that gives people the opportunity to explore fit and healthy lifestyles, provides summer camps for young people to explore personal interests and develop interpersonal skills, offers after school programs as a starting point for many young people to learn about becoming and staying active, and specializes in many other activities and sports programs for people of all ages.

Blue Rooster Telecom made the donation of $1,500 to the YMCA as part of its Community Partner Program. The program was developed as a way for the company and its employees to contribute to the community, while providing telecommunications services and expertise to the county’s many nonprofit and community organizations.

“It’s just a little nest egg we’ve been putting away for the YMCA,” said Blue Rooster Telecom President Jeff Buckingham. “It’s such a wonderful, community-based organization that reaches nearly every area of our county and offers programs to people of all ages and backgrounds. It never turns anyone away, and we believe that this program must be supported by the community.”

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