Jeff Lind

In this business climate you have two choices:

1) Cut all costs possible, let fate take over sit back and live with whatever happens, or,

2) Evaluate your situation, make an aggressive proactive plan and execute it.   Smart marketing will bring you business.

Think about this…everybody else pulls out of the market, now there’s less competition so your ads and marketing stand out even more.  Now is the time to get creative.  People are still spending money, so help them see the value of spending it with you and you can’t do that by sitting quietly in the corner.  Tell your current and potential customers exactly what you would like them to do.

Help them see the benefits

For example premium-priced foods may suffer due people trading down to lower cost brands but what if you position these high-priced food items as a way to make a basic ‘night in’ as inspiring as a luxurious ‘night out’, suddenly they seem like a bargain.

Similarly, clothes, cosmetics and laundry detergents can become the self-enhancement aides we need to put our best foot forward in a competitive job market.  You get the point, show your customers how you can solve their problems and make their lives better and guess what…they will buy from you!

Your mission should you decide to accept it….get out there and market your business smarter.  If you don’t the competition will!

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