In the spring of 2012, Deloitte and Forbes Insights found that US executives considered social media one of the top five sources of risk to their companies over the next three years. In the survey, 27% of US executives from businesses engaged in consumer and industrial products, life sciences, health care, and technology, media and telecommunications said social media was a risk. Only the global economic environment (41%), government spending and budgets (32%) and regulatory changes (30%)—perennial concerns for all businesses, especially during a difficult economic recovery were ranked as even risker.

The bad news: You are no longer in control of your brand.

Customers throughout the Central Coast are armed with powerful technology and the ability to talk good or bad about your company. Everyday, people online (245 million+) spend one out of every five minutes on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and a whole host of other digital destinations. Guess what? They’re talking about you! Want proof? That’s easy. Do a quick search on some of these leading sites and you’ll either be shocked or relieved at the type of conversation taking place.

The good news: Participation is free and your company is invited!

You have a choice to ignore the tectonic shifts in today’s marketing environment or participate in the conversations that impact your brand. A digital marketing strategy built on authenticity, trust, reciprocity, and engaging content could significantly improve your chances of survival in today’s digital arena. You have to be present to have a presence online and social media is just one part of a winning equation.

Minimize your risks by using a solid approach to capturing attention, increasing awareness, and moving the needle of perception online.

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