On Friday, December 28th, the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum will host a “Bon Voyage” Party for the reptiles and tortoises who have been cared for by the Museum as they transition to two wonderful local animal welfare and education groups—Zoo to You/Conservation Ambassadors and the Too SLO Tortoise and Turtle Club.  In a wonderful partnership between these educational nonprofit organizations, snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, Sulcata tortoises and more will continue their work as “ambassadors” for the reptile and tortoise communities but will be able to do it as featured creatures at two well- respected and highly effective animal welfare organizations.  Zoo to You/Animal Ambassadors is planning to open a reptile habitat in the Spring of 2013 so the public will have the chance to view and learn from the Discovery Museum reptiles, as well as additional animals, when they make their debut at the new facility in Paso Robles.  The Too SLO Tortoise and Turtle Club has been assisting the Discovery Museum for almost a year in its efforts to care for the tortoises living at the Museum so it was clear that Too SLO would be the ideal partner to find new living and showcase opportunities for Raj and Penny, the two Sulcatas who live at the Museum.  “The Discovery Museum animals have been wonderful treasures for our members and our visitors for many years but we are thrilled that two animal-focused organizations are able to showcase them in even better ways than we could.  The animals will continue to be available to the public and will continue their work teaching humans about the complexity and beauty of exotic animals,” says Kelly White O’Neill, executive director of the Discovery Museum.  The public is invited to attend the “Bon Voyage” party for the animals on Friday, December 28th at the Discovery Museum where thank you cards can be made to send with the animals.  All regular admission fees will apply.  Visit www.zoo-paso-robles.com for information on Animal Ambassadors/Zoo to You and visit www.tooslo.org for information on that organization.  Please call the Discovery Museum at 805-928-8414 for more information or to find out how you can support other museum programs and exhibits.