Nobody likes to put customers on hold when they call but sometimes it is unavoidable.  So why not take advantage of this captive audience?

The key to making these kind of messages work is to take out the hype and consider providing useful information in a low-key, helpful manner.

Freshen messages regularly

By regularly updating your tapes, frequent callers will not get irritated by hearing the same message over and over.  What kind of messages can build sales and retention?  Try these:

1.  Advice. Your in-house experts have plenty of quick tips that will establish your company’s credibility and expertise, use them.  Have some customers preview your tips before you “go live” to make sure they are useful and easy to understand.

2.  Product and service overviews. Provide details on various products and services so customers will be prompted to ask a sales rep about them.

3.  Deals and promotions. Got a special deal?  Tell customers about them while they wait.

4.  Referrals. You may be able to reassure first-time buyers by recording comments from happy customers.

5.  Company news – particularly if it is relevant to buyers.  For example, if your company is putting on a special seminar, you may want to promote the event.

Jeff Lind can be reached at 544-9220 or jeff@slaslo.com.