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The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce warmly welcomed Medallion Mortgage Company to its membership at their ribbon cutting held on December 5.

Medallion Mortgage Company is founded on the same principles that made the original company successful for 37 years. The first principle is a focus on people. In today’s high-tech competitive world it is sometimes easy to forget that business really should be about helping other people achieve their goals.

Simplicity is another guiding principle of the company. This may seem impossible given the sometimes bewildering morass of mortgage lending legislation guidelines and alternatives; however seasoned professionals, a relentless focus on customer service and the judicious application of technology combine to create a mortgage lending process that is as simple and transparent as possible.

Through feedback from our clients, and awards like the Daily News 2012 Readers Choice Favorite, we are seeing an incredible positive response from our community. There is high demand for a responsible, customer focused lender, and our principles guide us naturally to fill that role.  ""