Altrusa International Foundation, Santa Maria announces Spring 2013 Grant Funds Available.

Applications for Altrusa International Foundation, Santa Maria Spring Grant funds are now available to nonprofit agencies in the Santa Maria Valley area. Applications are available by contacting Diane at

All applications must be postmarked by Monday, 1 April, 2013. Applicants are asked to submit an original and eight copies in order to be considered for grant funding. No late applications will be considered.

Literacy, child care, programs for people with disabilities and other causes have benefited from the Altrusa International Foundation, Santa Maria.

The Altrusa International Foundation, Santa Maria has a long history of supporting programs in the area, with over $450,000.00 given out in grants. For information about the Altrusa of Santa Maria Foundation, contact Sally Czarnecki, President, 805-938-9262.

Altrusa International, Inc. of Santa Maria meets 6:30 PM the second Wednesday of each month at Bethel Lutheran Church, 624 East Camino Colegio, 6:30 PM.

Submitted by: Diane P. Alleman-Stevens