Tamara Richardson the vivacious new girl town looked forward to attending her first Santa Maria Chamber Mixer.  Unknowingly, this event would change her life in a very pleasant way.   Tamara was recently hired to serve as the Regional Manager by business owner Carl Knoll of “We Help You Legal.”  Don’t be surprised if she brings cookies and a smile to your door step. Tamara has a downhome friendly way of sharing her life’s experiences and introducing you to why she believes self- help legal services can benefit almost everyone.

When Tamara arrived at the Parke Orcutt Apartments she was greeted by the friendly chamber staff. They made her feel welcomed in her new community. As Tamara entered the tropical setting the first thing that got her attention was an adorable doll faced pup. Tamara believes in love at first sight and truly… this was love! The featured charity at the mixer was the Santa Barbara Public Health Department.   Stacy Silva, the Community Outreach Coordinator for Animal Services, offered Tamara the opportunity to hold the doll faced pup. Tamara mixed and mingled with the pup in her arms most of the evening: She was impressed with the diversity of the businesses represented at the mixer and enjoyed getting to know some of Santa Maria’s top business professionals.  As the evening went on, Tamara felt that she had to inquire about the possibility of adopting the pup she had fallen head over heels for.  Having never adopted an animal before, she found Stacy to be helpful and informative.  Tamara brought her new companion home after her application was processed and accepted. She is enjoying all the cuddles and kisses.  Tamara had no intention of becoming a pet owner at her first Santa Maria Chamber Mixer or falling in love with a doll faced pup and her new community.

Tamara Richardson

Regional Manager

We Help You Legal