Next to terminating someone, performance reviews are perhaps the most dreaded management task, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Join us on Wednesday, April 24th at the Santa Maria Inn from 11:30 – 1:00.  Our speaker will be Jim Seybert, Author & Management Coach, speaking on “Mining and Refining Each Employee’s Potential”.

Many companies claim that their employees are the organization’s “greatest asset” but outdated and ineffective performance reviews leave valuable potential untapped; wasted.  Numerous studies have shown that employees actually want an evaluation of their work.  Workers want to know whether or not they are meeting expectations.  So, how can managers provide feedback without the frustration connected with annual reviews?  Jim’s presentations are always fast-paced, entertaining and unpredictable. Come with a note pad and be prepared to have your paradigm shifted.

Jim studies organizational behavior from a coach’s perspective, looking for ideas and activities that work and then building on them.  His presentation will provide some examples of new evaluation procedures that can reduce frustration and improve performance.  He plans to share his experience with a new “bottom up” feedback system that gives top managers a clear view of what’s happening at every level of their company and will also pass along some of the latest research on employee incentive programs.

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