Please include this information in the member event section of the Chamber News. Attached is an acrylic painting by Michael Corob entitled, “Persimmon Trees”

A Celebration of Art, Drama and Poetry will be presented by Youani Arts on Saturday, May 18th at Cafe Noir, 1555 South Broadway in Santa Maria from 1 PM- 2:30 PM.
An original Midrash (Story about a bible story) “Adam and Eve and the Persimmon Tree”, written by Michael Corob will be performed in reader’s theater. In this short play, Adam and Eve are invited back into the Garden of Eden. They are shown a persimmon tree, and are told to wait until the fruit is ripe before enjoying it. Through trial and error, then learn to look beyond appearances to appreciate inner beauty.

Michael Corob will demonstrate sublimation printing and will exhibit his joyful watercolor paintings. Original poetry written by BJ Riley and other local poets will be read.  BJ Riley says this about her poetry: “If I touch you with a poem, no matter in what way, then I have succeeded, personally and artistically.  If we provoke thought, insight even or show different points of view, this then is work worthwhile”  BJ has written several books of poetry, including, Love Lost Found, and Body Felt, Body Beautiful,.

There is no cost to attend, but seating is limited, so reservations are requested by contacting Michael at 264-6722 or e-mailing  Poets wishing to read should also contact Michael in advance.