The City of Santa Maria has changed its website address to to make it easier to find on the Internet.  City e-mail addresses also are changing to the address.

“We recognize the appeal of the shorter and simpler name for website searches and e-mail, and this will be a benefit to marketing City programs and services,” said Mark van de Kamp, a Management Analyst in the City Manager’s Office.  “Thousands of customers rely on the City website and on e-mail to do business with the City.”

The City website receives nearly 49,000 visits per month, and in 2012 had nearly 2.7 million page views.

The City’s website remains accessible from the previous domain,, and existing webpage bookmarks that people previously created also remain valid.  City e-mail with the previous address also will continue to be delivered.

Departments are encouraged to use up existing letterhead and business cards before transitioning to new stock with the new domain name.

The City is also launching a presence on social media, to better connect with residents and businesses.  The Utilities Department is the first department with a Facebook page. The City’s website will remain the City’s primary Internet presence.

Questions may be directed to the City Manager’s Office, 925-0951 ext. 372.