According to audiologist Helene R. Freed, an educational audiologist with the Worcester public school system and a private educational audiology practitioner, the benefits of having an active employee program to prevent hearing loss, includes improved employee morale, a general feeling of well‐being, increased quality of production, and reduced incidence of stress‐related disease.

“Every employer needs to administer a continuing, effective hearing conservation program whenever employee noise exposures are at or above an eight hour time‐weighted average (TWA) of 85dBA or, equivalent, a dose of 50 percent,” notes John Able, CONN‐OSHA Occupational Safety Training Specialist.

“This ‘action level,’ as it referred to, is detailed in 29 CFR 1910.95(c)(2), which is the OSHA Occupational noise exposure standard. The goal is to ensure employers are aware of this issue and have programs in place to ensure optimal workplace safety and productivity.”

Central Coast Industrial Care provides complete audiometric testing services for your employees.

[There are free smartphone apps available that will let you do sound level spot checks. Although they are not scientifically certified measuring instruments, they can give you a quick, fairly accurate snapshot of sound levels in the workplace. – Ed]

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