The doctor is in.

And he makes house calls.

Broken I-Phone or I-Pad? Cracked screen? Two Santa Maria men have opened a local branch of an international franchise that offers on-site repair and service of virtually any Apple mobile device.

And best yet, says Pete Adame, head of Santa Maria’s new iCracked network, repairs are guaranteed and cost just a fraction of what Apple, Inc. charges its customers.

“Our business is simple,” says Adame. “You call us with a broken phone or iPad and we are available 24/7 to schedule you for a repair.”

For those who can’t stand the thought of being separated from their mobile phones, that’s a promise that’s golden. Adame says he or his partner, Santa Maria native Jared Kauthen, will meet anyone, anywhere to fix a broken phone or iPad.

“Lots of people like to meet us at their local Starbucks,” adds Kauthen, “They have a cup of coffee while we fix their broken screen and get their phone back to like-new condition. Usually by the time their coffee is done their phone is fixed.”

It’s that kind of service that has launched iCracked from a dorm room at San Luis Obispo’s Cal Poly to a multi-million dollar global business today. When student AJ Forsythe broke his iPhone for the 6th time in 18 months some three years ago, he decided to fix the phone himself, scavenging parts on eBay. A few hours later he’d saved over $100 and had ignited the spark for iCracked.

For Kauthen and Adame, it’s a service that is quickly becoming a full-time occupation. Not only do customers appreciate the quick response time, they also save money.

“Apple charges as much as $230 for a cracked screen,” says Kauthen. “Our prices are usually about half – as low as $89 for a new iPhone4 screen – and our parts are 100% guaranteed for life.”

Both Adame and Kauthen say there is plenty to look forward to. In the next few months, Kauthen said the company hopes to launch a new program to buy back used, broken or damaged Apple products.

“We’ll be providing on-demand buy back services to people who want to make money from their unused iPhones or iPads, and we’ll still meet them wherever it’s most convenient” says Adame. “We are like the AAA of cellular phones.”

Pete Adame (805) 738-3003   Jared Kauthen (805) 409-3179