Since 2010, during the winter months, the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, has been campaigning with a message to our citizens of “Thanks! For Shopping Santa Maria.”

This will be our fourth year promoting this and since the inception of this campaign we’ve seen a total increase in local Retail Sales of over 16%!! Prior to the launch of the campaign we had 11 consecutive quarters of economic downturn. So with 3 successful years of the campaign, each increasing the tax even more than the prior year, we are very proud of the results and looking forward to seeing the momentum continue.

The 2013 installment of the “Thanks!” campaign launched on October 1st and will continue throughout the remainder of the year. The campaign includes television and radio commercials along with print ads featuring members of the police and fire departments as well as recreation & parks thanking people for shopping Santa Maria.

The reason for this is we feel that many people may not realize that when they spend their money here at home, they are contributing to the success of our municipal services and local businesses.  Local businesses, in turn, support many non-profit agencies in our community. By simply making the decision to shop and dine here in town, people directly contribute their own quality of life.

If you have a retail-oriented business (you do not need to be a member to participate) please join our efforts by wearing the custom buttons, affixing stickers to your sales receipts or products sold, and adhering a window cling to your front door. The more businesses that participate, the stronger an impact we can make!

There is NO COST to participate! Simply contact the Chamber of Commerce at (805) 925-2403 and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to hand deliver the materials to you, or you can pick some up at the Chamber office at 614 S Broadway at your convenience!

Let’s work together to boost local business, support public services and strengthen our community!       Thanks! for Shopping Santa Maria!

For additional information, visit: contact the Chamber of Commerce at (805) 925-2403